About Us

At Pine Tree Cellular, we have learned that focusing on our customers' needs keeps them coming back; we strive to go above and beyond the competition and set ourselves apart with our well trained associates.

Our professional staff is trained to analyze and evaluate your needs and present you the choices that are right for you. Our commitment to knowing our product as well as our competition results in satisfied customers returning to our local store.

We at Pine Tree Cellular believe that customer service should be the #1 priority in any business, so we make it #1 in ours. We can answer all of your wireless questions, so if you don't know if a wireless phone is right for you, don't hesitate to come in and ask questions. Our knowledge is available to you for free.

We are absolutely confident that you will leave our stores with the knowledge and resources you will need to be at peace of mind with your new cellular service.

Pine Tree Cellular in Waterville, Maine